Why You Need a Foreclosure Attorney When Dealing With Foreclosure

People in foreclosure are also at risk of losing similar liberties- like the right to own their homes- if they don’t seek out the advice of an attorney. So please, don’t be standing in front of a judge before it occurs to you to check with a lawyer.

 · The following are some situations where you need to RUN to a foreclosure defense attorney: You receive an order granting Motion for Default – you did not file an answer in the required time, and are quickly running out of time. You receive a Motion for Summary Judgment – your lender is asking the court for permission to set a foreclosure sale date.

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 · Foreclosure takes time and there are many ways to stall a foreclosure. For example, the average time it takes to foreclose in Miami, Florida is 619 days–yes, almost 2 years before anybody kicks you out. Of course, you need an attorney to stall the process but many foreclosure attorneys work at only a fraction of your mortgage payment.

Why You Need An Experienced Foreclosure Defense Attorney If you are a defendant in a foreclosure action, it is very important that you retain the services of experienced foreclosure defense counsel. Since 2007, when the mortgage crisis first began in the United States, attorney Mark Sank has carved a niche as one of Connecticut’s leading.

Tampa foreclosure lawyers Todd Marks provides effective, professional. foreclosure and obtain a monthly mortgage payment that you can handle comfortably.. is threatened by foreclosure, you need an experienced foreclosure lawyer in.

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Let’s face it. The stakes are high when dealing with foreclosure surplus funds. If you win, you collect. If you don’t, you get nothing. I have seen many people in Florida try to handle collecting foreclosure surplus funds themselves, and fail. Having a seasoned foreclosure surplus lawyer can make all of the difference.

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Finally, expect the lawyer to come up with a plan of action, whether it’s to negotiate a mortgage modification, file a fraud complaint with the attorney general, delay foreclosure by challenging.

Even though you’re working with a qualified agent and lender, you need to do some work upfront to become familiar with the basics of the foreclosure process. Learning the lingo will give you credibility, which will help others realize you’re serious about this buying endeavor.