Is the Housing Market Even Worse than it Seems?

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Photo: L. vic/Flickr The risk of a recession is on the rise in Canada, and that could spell big trouble for the housing market, one economist suggests. In a new report – which follows two stagnant quarters of economic growth – Oxford Economics, a UK-headquartered research firm, pins the probability of a recession hitting Canada within 12 months at 45 percent.

What to Expect From the Housing Market in 2019. although the sale price is often less than what the house would sell for if placed on the market. But even when the market is hot and buyers are scrambling to make an. Devon Thorsby is the real estate editor at U.S. News & World.

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The new 2013-14 housing bubble is even bigger and better than the 2008 housing bubble. and we all know how well the 2008 housing bubble ended. 2013-14 housing Bubble is now WORSE than 2008 Bubble (brokers, hedge fund, cash) – Investing -stocks, bonds, mutual funds, trading, market, brokers.

Based on a preliminary balance sheet analysis, and considering that most real estate is more valuable over time than at initial purchase, we can conclude there are enough assets from a creditor.

Poverty is Worse than Sprawl: California's Housing Affordability. Indeed, since that time, house prices have skyrocketed to a far greater degree than rents.. California leaders somehow seem to think the problem will be.

Even though the housing market likely won’t be the cause of the next recession, an economic downturn would still have an impact on the US real estate sector. The housing market in the U.S. could enter a recession in under five years, with Zillow predicting that it will occur in 2020.

Why the starter home market in Greater Boston is worse than it seems. All have seen a roughly 80 percent or more drop in the number of starter home listings in the past four years, while the top ten on the list – which doesn’t include Boston, have seen housing starts fall by more than 70 percent.

What’s worrisome is that these conditions are even worse at the less expensive end of the market. Fewer starter homes are being built or under construction.