Former Chicago Police Sergeant charged with beating men outside Andersonville gay bar

Check out this amazing book by a former police officer from this exact same department. A mob attacks Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Officer Anthony Morgan.

New York police department. officers stormed into the bar to enforce a discriminatory law that made it illegal to serve alcohol to gay people. O’Neill, who has held the helm at the department since.

A 15-year-old schoolboy was stabbed to death outside a McDonald’s restaurant in east London. him and members of the public performed first aid at the scene, it added. Police and paramedics found.

A former Chicago police sergeant who quit under a cloud has been charged with beating two men and leaving them with serious injuries last year outside an Andersonville bar. The two counts of.

Two men, including a now-resigned Chicago police sergeant with a checkered past, have been charged in connection with beating three men after an argument at an Andersonville gay bar in September. Former cop Eric Elkins, 45, was charged Monday with two felony counts of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm.

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An attorney for two men who said they were brutally beaten by an off-duty Chicago police sergeant outside a gay nightclub more than a month ago filed a lawsuit Thursday, saying a CPD "code of.

A judge said the beating of two gay men "shocks the conscience" and now a former Chicago police sergeant has been charged. Eric elkins faces aggrevated battery charges in a September 29, 2018.

An Oak Park police officer has been placed on administrative leave following accusations that he and three others, one of them a Chicago Police sergeant, beat two men outside a nightclub in Andersonville on Sept. 29.

A former Chicago police sergeant has been charged with aggravated battery after beating three men in a 2018 Andersonville bar fight. Eric Elkins, 45, was off-duty with friends at the @tmosphere.

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What started as a dispute inside an Andersonville Gay bar, turned into a horrible fight outside the club that left two men allegedly beaten by an off-duty Chicago Police sergeant with a spotty past on the force. Now the men are suing and accusing the police Department of protecting the suspect, Sgt. Eric Elkins, with its [.]