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However, you shouldn’t. deductions may include everything from mortgage interest and student loan interest to miles driven to visit doctors and charities. Also don’t forget to keep detailed records.

In case you haven’t run across it, the advertisement from the Association for Homeowners Across America shows a foot crushing a house. The text below the animated image says: "Homeowners Beware! Congress is considering removing mortgage interest deductions. Under US tax code, mortgage interest on your home is deductible.

Homeowners in particular have little reason to cheer, because the new tax law limits the deductions that homeowners can take for their mortgage interest and property taxes. Homeowners never imagined this could happen, as these deductions were considered to be an important financial incentive for people to buy homes, as homeowners drive 70% of.

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For the average New Jersey homeowner in the 25% federal tax bracket, this deduction translates to $2,088 in tax savings. It’s also worth mentioning that in order to take advantage of the property tax and mortgage interest deductions, you need to itemize deductions on your tax return.

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To succeed, be sure to take every tax deduction, credit or income adjustment to which you’re entitled to prevent overpaying your share. Here are 10 tax breaks – some for itemizers only, others that any filer can claim – that often get overlooked but could save you some tax dollars.

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