$1 billion water bill is the least of it … by gimleteye

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Bill Gates joins jeff bezos as the only two members of the $100 billion club Gates’s fortune, now $100 billion on the nose, hasn’t reached such heights since the dot-com boom

A Bill Gates-led venture fund that invests in next-wave climate technologies wants to get bigger. The big picture: Gates, chair of Breakthrough Energy Ventures, said Monday that the $1 billion fund that began investing in 2017 plans to raise another $1 billion to $1.5 billion late next year.

By 2023, Chapter 313 – the program’s section in the state tax code – is projected by the state comptroller to cost Texas more than $1 billion a year in lost revenue. overwhelmingly voting for House.

At the very least, a third of groundwater blocks are described as semi-critical, critical or overexploited. Since 85% of India’s drinking water needs and 65% of the. will soon deploy a $1 billion.

Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers will announce a drought relief bill Thursday. The bill includes more than $1 billion to alleviate impacts of drought. Legislation is similar to a bill passed last year.

 · With nearly $500 million spent so far upgrading sewage pumping stations and fixing failing pipes, the county projects its total bill may run as high as $1.5 billion.

The project, known as Pure Water, is almost certain to be the most expensive public works project the city has ever undertaken. Pure Water is happening in two different phrases. The first one, which.

The mayor has challenged city residents to reduce water consumption as part of a national campaign, but city records show his own water use is more than eight times that of the average single.

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Already, a New York state legislator has signaled he plans to introduce a bill. and up to $1.7 billion if it hires 40,000 people, which mostly reflects a $48,000-per-job tax credit for every.

Our Water, Sanitation & Hygiene strategy is led by Brian Arbogast and is part of the foundation’s Global Growth & Opportunity Division. down Unsafe sanitation is a massive problem that is becoming more urgent as our global population increases and trends like water scarcity and urbanization intensify.

The fine is actually a bit lower than the penalties ZTE had been charged with prior, down from the initial $1.19 billion proposed in April. This mess started when it was found that the state-owned.